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Demetre Chiparus Chain Dancer

Antique Reference #:1957

Demetre Chiparus Chain Dancer

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A stunning cold painted and enamelled bronze figure of a semi naked female figure standing on one foot and with arms outstretched. Signed to the veined marble base. A fine example of the detailed work produced by one of the most eminent sculptors of the Art Deco period. Approx height 29 cm. Similar figure in bronze and ivory shown on page 104 in Alberto Shayo Chiparus Master of Art Deco. Excellent original condition. French c 1925. Also known as Dancer of the Ganges

Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947)  Born in Romania, Dimitri Chiparus emmigrated to Paris, where he studied under Antonin Mercier and Jean Boucher. He began to exhibit small sculptures, his very first showing at the Salon of the Societe des Artistes Francais in 1914 leading to an Honouable Mention. Louis Comfort Tiffany was also awarded an Honourable Mention that same year. Chiparus was an extremely prolific artist, producing a wide variety of mainly small-scale figures. These were executed generally either all in bronze or in bronze and ivory. Some designs were executed in both media, and a few occasionally in more than one size. A few figures were executed in spelter and ivorene though the white metal was cold painted in the same way as bronze, while the ivorene, which was cast, was painted in bright colors. Most of his figures were edited by the firm of Edmond Etling, though he executed a number of models for the firm of Arthur Goldscheider. Both of course had their own bronze foundries. He exhibited a bronze edited by Goldscheider at the 1928 Salon, La Danseuse Ta-Keo. His last recorded exhibit at the Salon was in 1939. Though his feminine figures and dancers made his reputation, he also produced a vast array of sculptures of children.  He designed a number of colourful ceramic figures for Etling. Chiparus also executed a considerable number of religious figures. A few of his figures were edited by Editions Reveyrolis and some by Les Neveux de J Lehmann. Some of his bronzes were cast at the Marcel Guillemard foundry in Paris. He was awarded a prize at the Salon des Beaux Arts, in which several chryselphantine(bronze and ivory) sculptors exhibited

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