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Frederick Charles Focht 'Rocket Girl'

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Rocket Girl - Frederick Charles Focht

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A stunning Art Deco patinated bronze figure 'Rocket Girl' by Frederick Charles Focht ( 1879-1938).

'The Rocket Girl', circa 1928, fine cast bronze, signed Fred C.Focht, the figure of a nude, her hair streaming behind her as she rides to the stars in a winged rocket ship. Approx size 36cm high, 83cm long. Original  porto marble base. Foundry seal to the bronze for Chardon Foundry .Focht was responsible for some of the most iconic Art Deco bronzes of the 20’s and 30’s. In an age when the speed of aeroplanes and cars became an obsession, artists like Focht sought to express it in their work. A stunning piece

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